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Notice Important Race Announcement

Important Race Announcement
(Last updated: 24 Feb 2017, 6:40am)

* The South lodge operations will be closing to the public this Sunday.
Management will be making a decision on whether or not the final 2 races of the
season will be held on bear peak. If the races are on, the bear
peak chair will be open to racers and coaches only. If management decides to
keep bear peak closed for the season the races will be held at an
alternate location. This location could include other venues or the Vernon
side of Mountain Creek. As I get information I will keep you updated.

The GS State Race is on as scheduled.

Kyle Markovich

*. Race Room Etiquette:

..Using the race room is a privilege granted to NJISRA racers. As part of this privilege you are expected to treat it with respect including cleaning up after yourself and your fellow athletes. Do not throw food or garbage on the floor and do not leave empty trays or containers in the basement. Make sure all bags are placed on shelves and not left in aisle-ways or under tables. Please treat this area as you would your own home. Use of the race room is a privilege that can, and will, be revoked if it is not kept neat and clean.